The Untitled series consists of works that explore the night of March 3-4, 2013, during
which I was unknowingly drugged at a concert on the UCSD campus.

Untitled (2015)
Approximately 4,250 ft. of red string. Dimensions variable. UC San Diego Campus. La Jolla, CA.

A red string unites the points I know I reached during the night of March 3-4, 2013. The information
was gathered from GPS locations of images taken that night.

Untitled String 1

Untitled String 2

Untitled (2015)
Voice recording. TRT: 10:00:00 (looped).

Recording of my reading aloud the seconds (384,073,220 - 384,079,610, each number representative of
the seconds since January 1, 2001, the code with which Apple keeps time) I cannot remember from March
3-4, 2013. This piece can be both presented as audio and performed live.

Untitled (2015)
10 stacks of 1,000 4 x 6" postcards, dimensions variable.

Postcards printed with images taken by me on my iPhone on March 3-4, 2013. The latitude and longitude
of each image are printed on the reverse side.

Untitled Postcards Install 1

Untitled (2013)
Website. B/W, silent. To view, please click here.

A program that creates randomly generated sentences comprised of the results of filtering what I
remember from the night of March 3-4, 2013 through an online dream interpretor.

Untitled Dreams

Untitled (2013)
Spotlight, instructions, white mask. Dimensions variable.

This work directs the viewer to embody the only moment I can remember from the night of March 3-4,

Untitled How To 1

Untitled How To 2