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Entrevidas (1981/2017)

November 5, 2017
Performance: 40 minutes
Post-performance installation: Broken Eggs, Dimensions variable
"Anna Maria Maiolino," curated by Bryan Barcena and Helen Molseworth, public programming by Amanda Hunt
Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Documentation: Alexia Veytia-Rubio, Eunice Cho

In 1981, Anna Maria Maiolino performed Entrevidas (Between Lives) in response to the military dictatorship in Brazil. In a literalization of the saying "walking on eggshells," Maiolino traversed a minefield of raw eggs, attempting to keep all eggs whole in the process. Due to the differing social, cultural, and political contexts in which I re-performed Entrevidas, I danced folklorico, Mexican folk dancing, while dressed in the traditional costume, actively crushing the eggs rather than avoiding them. I danced to one song, La Negra, repeatedly, as it is the only dance I can (partially) remember from my folklorico lessons as a child. Only I heard the song as I listened to it from earbuds plugged into my iPhone.

installation Post-performance installation

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