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Entrevidas (Between Lives) (1981/2017)
November 5, 2017
Duration: 40 minutes
"Anna Maria Maiolino," curated by Bryan Barcena and Helen Molseworth, public programming by Amanda Hunt
Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

In 1981, Anna Maria Maiolino performed Entrevidas (Between Lives) in response to the military dictatorship in Brazil. In a literalization of the saying "walking on eggshells," Maiolino traversed a minefield of raw eggs, attempting to keep all eggs whole in the process. Due to the differing social, cultural, and political contexts in which I re-performed Entrevidas, I danced folklorico, Mexican folk dancing, while dressed in the traditional costume, actively crushing the eggs rather than avoiding them. I danced to one song, La Negra, repeatedly, as it is the only dance I can (partially) remember from my folklorico lessons as a child. Only I heard the song as I listened to it from earbuds plugged into my iPhone.

Documentation: Alexia Veytia-Rubio, Eunice Cho.

Entrevidas 1

Entrevidas 2

Entrevidas (Between Lives)
Post-performance installation
Broken eggs
Dimensions variable

Entrevidas 3

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