Spotlight, instructions, white mask. Dimensions variable.

This work directs the viewer to re-perform an old piece. The text invites the viewer to take
off their clothes, sit in the lit corner, lean against the wall, and put on the mask. The
viewer is then instructed to consider a number of questions, all of which have been blacked out.
Once the viewer has come to a conclusion (or not), gotten cold, become bored, or encountered any
other reason for ending this exercise, (s)he is free to stand, place the mask back on the wall,
and get dressed. The inspiration for this came during my performance of a version of this piece.
It was about victimization, a reflection of how vulnerable I constantly feel in public. Enacting
this piece replicated and heightened those emotions, and the only way I could think to express
that sentiment was to have the audience perform the piece themselves.