Untitled (Rape Scene)
Performance. VAF Commons Gallery, UCSD. January 10, 2014. Duration: 47:30.

For the first in a series of re-performances, I re-performed Ana Mendieta's Untitled (Rape Scene) (1973),
wherein the artist is in her apartment, motionless, and hogtied to her dining table, surrounded by blood
and signs of a struggle. I re-created this scene in my studio, where I was living at the time.

Documentation by Heidi Kayser.
Rape Scene 3

Rape Scene 2

Rape Scene 1

HD video documentation. TRT: 47:30. Color, Silent.

Video taken by a camera on my bookshelf during the re-performance of Untitled (Rape Scene).
Rape Scene 4

Post-performance installation. Dimensions variable.
Rape Scene 5

Rape Scene 6